Molly Kellogg Podcasts

Motivational interviewing forms the foundation of this practical program. The focus here is on the basic counseling skills that are essential for Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA).

The program can be used by a group of staff together or by individual counselors in their own time. It is all on-line and available immediately upon purchase. It is most appropriate for nutrition counselors, though clerical staff will benefit as well.

This program works best when supervisors follow along. Consider using these units to augment your training or as part of on-going in-service sessions.

The Program includes: Eleven units, each with an audio podcast, notes and a practical article (pdf). Suggested topics are provided for group discussion.


Engaging the Client (13 – minute podcast)

The Basics: OARS

Open-ended questioning (8 – minute podcast)

Affirming (14 – minute podcast)

Reflecting (15 – minute podcast)

Summarizing (11 – minute podcast)


Behavior change and resistance to change (18 – minute podcast)

Attending to the client:

What is important to the client? (10 – minute podcast)

Working with confidence to change (11 – minute podcast)

Listening for change talk (11 – minute podcast)

When it’s time to provide advice:

Providing advice effectively (9-minute podcast)

Pulling it all together:

How this fits into a WIC contact (14 – minute podcast)

Credits are available for Registered Dietitians.